What should we have left behind? What do we wish we had taken?

Trekking notes
Things I’m glad I took
Bed bag
Fleece liner
Cut up pillow from home – excellent neck posture
Sleeping bag liner which worked in hotels and inside sleeping bag
Cut-off trousers that doubled as shorts – with big pockets
Dry sac-type bags to compartmentalise packing,2. would have been better in varied colours
Down jacket

Things I wish I had taken
Better camera
Better pillow, 2.me too. Me 3.
More loo roll, 2.me too
Crocs-plastic lightweight that socks will fit into
Travel cup to make accepting cups of tea from weird places easier, 2.yes
Better sleeping stuff ie thicker and warmer sleeping bag
A FATTER ERIC !!, 2.me too
A more flattering sunhat
More small-pack tissues
Detailed map

Things I should have left at home
Dry shampoo
Too many clothes – better to be packed lighter and wash than to have taken so many. 2. I wanted them all and thought washing was a pain!
Juggling balls – never took them out of my bag to practise

Trek towel – sarong was dual-purpose and dried quickly – much better

Paperback! – eventually read a few chapters but could have lived without it!
Trekking pole and Jx trekking pole!

Hop that is helpful to you

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