all tajed out

we have seen the taj ,sat on the bench seen sunset[unimpressive from a rubbish dump] sunrise [better as from in the comples] seen the red fort[had our photos taken by admiring indian tourist on the prime ministers platform. they were dressed in beautiful brightly colourde jewelled and beaded saris whilst we were a little more drab. we were as fascinating to then as they were to us]
been taken to sveral tourist emporiums some better tha others bnut its a far cry from the makets of karenprayag or rudraprayag or even haridwar or rishikesh. both in price and pushiness.
now on road back to delhi sadly not able to deviate to gabhana to see where simon lived for a while.
took photos out of car window for aflavour of the area though.

last leg of journey. plane tomorrow.
i think although we would all be happy to be back in the mountains,we have had enough of hassle noise and cities. time to go home.

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