diwali in haridwar

spent yesterday first travelling to haridwar and then cruising the markets of haridwar. everywhere is manic as today is diwali. bright garlands of gaudy flowers decorate stalls and streets. somw are for greeting your visitors with. some for decoratig pictures of thpse passed. babalu came with us and manfully put up with six women shopping for england. he managed better than most husbands!!! he remainedhis cheerful helpful self.
we went straigjt down to the ganges to see the evening aarti ceremony. it was very busy as diwai is an auspicious time to visit the ganges. we had to form a train in the end so as not to get lost. tere were many armed soldiers around and also apparently many plain clothed mingling in the crowd. we wandered along the streets until babalu found a suitable place to eat. it cost less than £3 each for a huge thali and pakora. this was our most expensive meal as well.
i think we all feel alittle sad tonight we would like to go back to still, calm, remoteness of the mountains. here there are horns and hassle and in your face life.
jackie and di departed at 2am this morning in a taxi bound for delhi to get their flight home today. we are taking the more sedate route by train to agra via delhi.
we have just eaten omelette and sandwich bought from the train man for the grand sum of 25 rupees which is about 30p.

liz says happy anniversary to my darling husband. ill try to send a pic of taj mahal later. hopefully katie has given you your present.

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