Plural of mongoose

Simon here answering pressing questions from the western Himalayan massif.

Plural of mongoose? It’s properly ‘mongooses’, though there’s often confusion. You may be safer saying, “I’d like a mongoose please. Tell you what – make that two.”

An online petition has gained over 150 signatures. It reads:

We the people feel that the mongoose, specifically those members of the genus Herpestes and related genera, notable by their slender agile body and a long tail and their ability to seize and kill venomous snakes, have a stupid plural. As is, the plural of mongoose is mongooses. As anyone that is not an IDIOT will tell you, that is a very senseless plural. As such, we wish to change the plural of mongoose to mongi.

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3 Responses to Plural of mongoose

  1. Mike Ball says:

    In French it would be mesgooses

  2. David says:

    What’s the plural of goose? It’s geese of course! So the correct plural of mongoose is MONGEESE. (Their babies are called mongoslings).

    Mongoosy goosy gander
    A wither shalt thou wander…etc etc

  3. David: I admire you in all sort of special ways, but your understanding of English plurals isn’t one of them! Mongoose as a word isn’t the same as… hang on, I’ll get my coat….

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