I have uploaded some videos taken on out trip, to youtube.
If you search for nandadevi2011, they should show.
They are of the muleboys singing, indian roads, evening aarti, schollkids in a remote mountain school and Monday morning in kanol.

There may be more soon

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Some photos

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What should we have left behind? What do we wish we had taken?

Trekking notes
Things I’m glad I took
Bed bag
Fleece liner
Cut up pillow from home – excellent neck posture
Sleeping bag liner which worked in hotels and inside sleeping bag
Cut-off trousers that doubled as shorts – with big pockets
Dry sac-type bags to compartmentalise packing,2. would have been better in varied colours
Down jacket

Things I wish I had taken
Better camera
Better pillow, too. Me 3.
More loo roll, too
Crocs-plastic lightweight that socks will fit into
Travel cup to make accepting cups of tea from weird places easier, 2.yes
Better sleeping stuff ie thicker and warmer sleeping bag
A more flattering sunhat
More small-pack tissues
Detailed map

Things I should have left at home
Dry shampoo
Too many clothes – better to be packed lighter and wash than to have taken so many. 2. I wanted them all and thought washing was a pain!
Juggling balls – never took them out of my bag to practise

Trek towel – sarong was dual-purpose and dried quickly – much better

Paperback! – eventually read a few chapters but could have lived without it!
Trekking pole and Jx trekking pole!

Hop that is helpful to you

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Home on a private Boeing 777!

Reaking of Chanel no.5 and no.19,(bit of duty free shopping) which did indeed make a change from the previous 2 weeks smells, Di and Jackie walked onto their flight home, promising that they would now stop farting in public as the amount of dahl must surely diminish, and that they would start to wean themselves off a tablespoon of sugar in each cup of chai. ” you can sit or lie down wherever you want” explained the steward as the plane was virtually empty. Nobody flies from India on Diwali so we had a private flight home, plied with double of everything available, including 2 bottles of wine each which we had consumed before 3.00pm!! tasted fantastic!!

The wine wasn’t quite as fantastic as the latte and chocolate croissant we consumed within seconds of arriving at the airport. Heaven only knows why we left Haridwar at 2.00am, leaving us 9 hours (YES 9 HOURS) to cover the 200km to Delhi. OK their were potholes, sleeping policeman the size of elephants in the middle of the highway, speed limit 50K, large lorries on full beam bearing dowm towards us on our side of the road, but there was NO traffic – it being Diwali of course. We arrived at the airport 7 hours early.

So we spent a strange last day in India, taking 9 hours to cover 200km to the airport and then the second 9 hours to cover the 8000km home!

Home now and suffering withdrawal from the beautiful mountains. Have made tuna/cheese melts on my Indian skittle, drinking Tulsi tea (thats royal basil tea), listening to Jai Rasha Madsav singing Mahamantra. Desn’t quite sound the same in Great Bedwyn as Chandra singing by the fire at 3000m with mule bells in the background!

Hope you guys enjoyed the beautiful Taj, despite the complete crap surrrounding it. Sweet last dreams in Delhi and catch up in UK!

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all tajed out

we have seen the taj ,sat on the bench seen sunset[unimpressive from a rubbish dump] sunrise [better as from in the comples] seen the red fort[had our photos taken by admiring indian tourist on the prime ministers platform. they were dressed in beautiful brightly colourde jewelled and beaded saris whilst we were a little more drab. we were as fascinating to then as they were to us]
been taken to sveral tourist emporiums some better tha others bnut its a far cry from the makets of karenprayag or rudraprayag or even haridwar or rishikesh. both in price and pushiness.
now on road back to delhi sadly not able to deviate to gabhana to see where simon lived for a while.
took photos out of car window for aflavour of the area though.

last leg of journey. plane tomorrow.
i think although we would all be happy to be back in the mountains,we have had enough of hassle noise and cities. time to go home.

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diwali in haridwar

spent yesterday first travelling to haridwar and then cruising the markets of haridwar. everywhere is manic as today is diwali. bright garlands of gaudy flowers decorate stalls and streets. somw are for greeting your visitors with. some for decoratig pictures of thpse passed. babalu came with us and manfully put up with six women shopping for england. he managed better than most husbands!!! he remainedhis cheerful helpful self.
we went straigjt down to the ganges to see the evening aarti ceremony. it was very busy as diwai is an auspicious time to visit the ganges. we had to form a train in the end so as not to get lost. tere were many armed soldiers around and also apparently many plain clothed mingling in the crowd. we wandered along the streets until babalu found a suitable place to eat. it cost less than £3 each for a huge thali and pakora. this was our most expensive meal as well.
i think we all feel alittle sad tonight we would like to go back to still, calm, remoteness of the mountains. here there are horns and hassle and in your face life.
jackie and di departed at 2am this morning in a taxi bound for delhi to get their flight home today. we are taking the more sedate route by train to agra via delhi.
we have just eaten omelette and sandwich bought from the train man for the grand sum of 25 rupees which is about 30p.

liz says happy anniversary to my darling husband. ill try to send a pic of taj mahal later. hopefully katie has given you your present.

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road signs indian style

no race no rally enjoy the beauty of the valley

it is bettr to lose a minute of life than your life in a minute.

if married divorce speed

hug your kids at home belt them in the car

for safer arriving no liquer and driving

drive with care life has no spare dont overspeed

licence to drive not to fly

leave early drive slowly arrive safely

accidents brings tears safety brings cheers

life is a journey complete it

life is preciuos save it

sliding area keep mjoving cautiously.

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